Girls Programming

Hacking for Humanity

Women Uniting to Solve Global Challenges

Women are the ultimate problem solvers. Throughout time, women have shown that when they collaborate and focus on solving problems for the benefit of the greater community, everyone wins. Organizations such as Kiva prove what we innately know to be true:

Women put community first. On average, women reinvest 80% of their income from Kiva programs back into the community.

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Enabling Social Innovators to pool and share ideas and resources

Social Innovators have a tendency to work in silos, but can benefit from more
collaboration. This is highly dependent on personal networks and face-to-
face meetings. It takes time to form an effective professional and personal
network to execute their ideas.

Application features you can build for the Social Marketplace:

  • Contribute content, questions, ideas, opportunities to collaborate
  • Enable and facilitate discussions
  • Recommend connections using data analytics (personal data) and area-based sensing
  • Match needs and resources, e.g. mentors, partners, funding, etc.
  • Incentivize Social Innovators to use these features to help them in their personal and professional development

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