Girls in Tech Presents: A Social Innovation Hackathon

Women Uniting to Solve Global Challenges

Women are the ultimate problem solvers. Throughout time, women have shown that when they collaborate and focus on solving problems for the benefit of the greater community, everyone wins. Organizations such as Kiva prove what we innately know to be true: women put community first. On average, women reinvest 80% of their income from Kiva programs back into the community.

Examples like this have inspired Girls in Tech to give back to the community—the global community—in a profound way. There are now more than 50,000 Girls in Tech members. These women are tech-savvy, passionate about helping others and determined to better the world. To complement and support our ambitious community, Girls in Tech has been producing successful hackathons for nearly a decade. That’s 10 years of hackathons ranging from NASA events to partnerships with ESPN and espnW.

Now, it’s time to think bigger. Inspired by our members’ desire and direct feedback, Girls in Tech has curated a unique hackathon program to tackle global challenges. Because women don’t just do good when they work together—they become a force for global change.


WHO: Women and men across the globe, including developers, designers, product developers, and entrepreneurs, plus businesses that want to embrace the idea of Social Innovation or initiatives that combine a positive mission with business.

WHAT: Innovations such as the sharing economy, preventative healthcare apps, and microfinance are examples of progressive solutions to problems that impact everyone. More social enterprises are launching worldwide, every year, with the goal to radically transform sectors such as education, healthcare, environmental conservancy, at-risk youth and more.

We’re teaming up with government entities, institutions, corporations
and organizations to uncover solutions that would help strengthen the Social Enterprise sector in communities around the world. 
will be challenged to spark new ways to foster stronger collaborations and communications amongst people in the private, public and people sectors, and build a robust social marketplace to accelerate the growth of the Social Sector.

WHEN: Year-round 2018-2019

WHERE: Girls in Tech’s 60 chapters around the globe, spanning 36 countries and 6 continents: South America, North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia & Oceania.