Collaboration: Enabling Social Innovators to pool and share ideas and resources

Social Innovators have a tendency to work in silos, but can benefit from more collaboration. This is highly dependent on personal networks and face-to-face meetings. It takes time to form an effective professional and personal network to execute their ideas.

Application features you can build for the Social Marketplace

  • Contribute content, questions, ideas, opportunities to collaborate
  • Enable and facilitate discussions
  • Recommend connections using data analytics (personal data) and area-based sensing
  • Match needs and resources, e.g. mentors, partners, funding, etc.
  • Incentivize Social Innovators to use these features to help them in their personal and professional development.

Commerce: Matching Social Enterprises with corporate customers

Many large corporates are eager to support Social Enterprises (SE), but they don’t know how to or have difficulties finding and engaging with the SEs as suppliers. SEs have to develop capabilities to better sell themselves and compete for business.

Application features you can build for the Social Marketplace

  • Search for SE suppliers according to relevant products / services that the corporation requires
  • Contact SEs for quotes on services and products
  • Consolidate responses and easily compare the quotes
  • Build trust between SE suppliers and corporations through better communication and security

Communications: Connecting social organizations with their volunteers and retaining them

Many Social Organizations lack the ability and knowledge to effectively engage their volunteers and to retain them. This impacts on the efficiency of the organization, ultimately limiting the number of people it can help.

Application features you can build for the Social Marketplace

  • Enable volunteers to subscribe to regular updates and ad-hoc alerts
  • Push notifications to active volunteers, particularly in times of urgent need
  • Provide data analysis of their volunteers, personal or professional interests, behaviors

Getting Started

Each hackathon revolves around a theme, with speci c challenges that you can tackle. Find a theme you are passionate about. We encourage you to come to the workshops to learn more about the issues, opportunities, data and technologies. Have a look at the FAQ section for the hackathon microsite, which hopefully answers most of your questions. Here are some tips for ‘hacking’ a hackathon. Also, here’s a video on how to best present the hard work that you’ve done over the hackathon weekend – to boost your chances of winning!

Code of Ethics

Please review the code of ethics guidelines here.